Canna Companion Partner Program

How does Canna Companion distribute its products?

Canna Companion distributes its products worldwide through a variety of partners, across multiple sales channels. If you're on this page, then you recognize the importance of our mission to share the cannabis plant with our companion animals. We understand the value of the cannabis plant, from a scientific standpoint, and we want to partner with you to bring that level of understanding to the public.

Our commitment - what you can expect from usAligned with their Hippocratic oath to serve animals, the veterinarians that founded Canna Companion are committed to:
- Interpreting the latest cannabinoid-based research.
- Develop safe, well-crafted quality products for animal consumption.
- Provide free consultations to pet owners and their veterinarians.
- Maintain regulatory compliance as a member of NASC.
- Partner with select dealers to maintain the integrity of our brand.

Your commitment - what we expect from you

- Learn as much as you can about cannabis.
- Tap Canna Companion as a resource when you have questions.
- Talk to your clients, and relay that feedback, so we can grow from it.
- Keep 10% of MAP. Free shipping over $1,000 and no minimum.
- Violation of any copyright is prohibited.
- Not to sell on any marketplace sales channels (Amazon, Jet, etc.).
- Respond to all referrals forwarded to you by Canna Companion.

What are the steps to becoming a wholesaler?

1. Read the most recent Dealer Agreement (opens in a new tab).
2. Email BOTH your business license/permit and resale / reseller permit to to verify.
3. Complete the application on this page.
4. Please allow 2-4 business days for us to review your application.
5. We may request to speak with you, or request for more information, before an approval or denial decision can been reached.

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